Mounting A Biturbo On Your Urban Express

old exhaust and new biturbo

Old exhaust ( without pipe ) next to New Biturbo (with out pipe )

the first step isto cut the pipe off the old exhaust ( you need it )

cut the end of the biturbo pipe so you can slip the express pipe inside of it (DO NOT WELD YET )

Test Fit the pipes and biturbo to your Express
Mark all weld points and trim pipe if needed ( then tack ) and test the fit again

The express pipe is welded to the Biturbo pipe and the pipe has been inserted into the muffler/expansion chamber and clamped ( clamp came with the 2 piece adjustable Biturbo ( for Tomos )

You will need to make a bracket ( steel is better than aluminum ) to attach from the Clamp to the mounting point on the engine

Finished and ready to roll